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May. 17th, 2011 11:04 pm
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Died about an hour ago, of course I'm sad, but I'm also alright about it. He's been sick for quite awhile now, and not really himself this last six months or so. I'll miss him. Now he's not in pain or scared. He was a good man but mostly, he was my Dad. I love him and the last time we talked I told him so. He told me he was proud of me. I'm lighting a candle and pouring him a glass of water to ease his way. After awhile, crocodile.
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I told you all that I'd lost my morning attendant awhile ago. She had been having some continuing health problems for awhile now. She'd work when she felt up to it. she'd needed to be hospitalized every now and then because of the pain she was in. Her doctor never seemed to find out what was actually going on, he would just discharge her after a while with new pain meds. I felt like they were not treating her properly. Another middle aged African American woman not being treated right by the medical profession, but she had faith in her doctor and I didn't know what to do. About two weeks ago she told me she'd have to quit, she just couldn't deal until she got her health problems taken care of.

I got a call from her this evening. [personal profile] loracs talked to her. They finally gave her a diagnosis. Its cancer, very advanced. Terminal. They are keeping her in the hospital to find the best drugs to handle her pain and then she'll probably move to hospice. I'll spare you all the rant building in me about the health care system in this country and what I'd like to do to her doctor specifically. The bastards!

I've known Stacy for about 8 years. In all that time she was late to work maybe once. Every morning as my Grandfather's clock chimed eight times, I'd hear Stacy's key enter the lock at the front door right on time. She took care of her disabled mother. Raised her adopted son to be a fine young man who has been accepted to go to college. She's one of the kindest, people I know. A faithful christian who took comfort in her religion, but never judged others. She doesn't deserve this kind of end.
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No more Mongo! :(
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