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It could've been worse, I mean there was no bloodshed and no animals were harmed, but the beginning computer class was pretty rough. I had been led to believe, that although it was a beginning computer course most of the people had taken the class before and should have at least a basic familiarity with the computer. They just had some confusion on some of the computer concepts that I would be helping with. Unfortunately there was a very wide spread of computer knowledge/ability. I had one woman who had literally never done anything with the computer and a few people who had managed to do some things, but still are confused by things like how to do attachments in e-mail or download a file. This class was for seniors and people with disabilities, so I expected to need to deal with some accommodations. Anyway two students were pretty severely hearing impaired, but both had lost their hearing late in life so they didn't know any type of sign language. Anyway working with them added a dimension complication and I think I either underestimated my need to multitask in this class or overestimated my ability to do so. I'm trying very hard to be realistic. Most of the students seemed happy with what we could accomplish. I'm positive that the woman who had no computer knowledge was very frustrated with me, but I just couldn't ignore the rest of the class to walk her through everything. I have offered her a one-on-one class to work on basic mouse and keyboard skills. So I can get her up to speed, but she may not be interested after the class she attended. I have some ideas on how to rearrange the class so I can get closer to the students when they need help. Another problem was that I was having trouble seeing the screen from where I was. So it was difficult o give direction. Anyway, I'll work on getting better organized. I have five more classes and then the funding may be ending. I guess this is just another opportunity for growth. :-)
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I bought a laptop several months ago on Woot, thinking I could install linux and play with it. I've wanted to use linux for years but was always worried I wouldn't find versions of all the adaptive software I use. I think I found most of what I need. So I tried installing Ubuntu unsuccessfuly. [personal profile] someotherguy kindly offered to help get it installed. He tried everything he could with no success either. Now we think its my CD drive or my hard drive that's screwed up. I don't know where there's a good computer repair person/service. Anybody have any suggestions around the San Leandro/Berkeley area to get a computer fixed?
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I'm thinking about going to open source and getting rid of as much Windows stuff as possible. I've been thinking about it for a while, but the thing that stopped me was voice input software. I love my DragonDictate and really don't want to give up voice input. I now have a couple of leads to open source voice input that may very well work for me. So now I'm looking for any advice, warning signs, handholding that my friends list can offer. A few questions to start with: How much trouble did people have moving from Windows to Linux? Any versions of Linux people prefer? Is there anything I should watch out for? Any plug ins, utilities, programs should I make sure I get? Remember, I am not a very technical person, nor do I play one on TV. I think of myself as a better than average computer user, but anyone who really knows anything about computers is way ahead of me. Am I correct that iTunes will work on Linux? I am worried that some of my multimedia stuff won't work. Things like drivers for my DVD/CD players need to work. I hope there is some Zip program and WinRAR that works with Linux. Oh, and I really need an on-screen keyboard that will work too. I will probably think of other questions but that's a good start.
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I bet you thought I fell off the planet. I know I'm not the greatest contributor to Livejournal. Depression and life often gets in the way. Lately, I haven't been writing much online because my DragonDictate has started refusing to work in anything but Word. Before a couple system crashes, DragonDictate would work in my e-mail and Usenet program, in the instant messenger programs that I use. It even worked in Livejournal! Now all it does is beep at me unless its typing into Microsoft Word. This does cut my online output down considerably. Just FYI
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Good things about reinstalling Windows on my computer:

- I can now see my mouse cursor when I play Asheron's Call. Which hasn't been true in over a year.

- I get to spend money on registering software upgrades (Since I don't have any installer disks).

- (this is from my sensai [personal profile] serenejournal's teachings) I get to simplify my life by getting rid of all those pesky pictures and text files I've been meaning to organize or read.

- Room for new porn.

- All my folders are back to normal. I somehow did something that made at least half of them look like they were greyed out, but they're all bright and shiny now.


Nov. 26th, 2006 08:02 pm
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As of this very minute, my computer is back! Last Thursday (Thanksgiving for us USAns) I killed my computer while trying to install an upgrade to my Norton Utilities.

You don't want to read about my computer woes. )


Dec. 13th, 2005 01:15 pm
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In case you didn't already know, there are times that I am not the brightest person on the planet. Especially when I'm being rushed or at least feel rushed. What follows is

an illustration of how stupid I can get. )


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