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Holy Cow!

Jan. 31st, 2008 08:35 am
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After a whole lot of, maybe we will be able to go and maybe we won't, [personal profile] loracs and I are going to Alt.PolyCon 16 this weekend. We had bought supporting memberships awhile ago. Not really knowing if we could actually make it to the convention, but feeling like we wanted to support it even if we couldn't attend. We have gone through several cycles of, "sure we can afford it" to "now I'm not sure we can". The last hurdle was whether our car was up to the trip. We took it to a local mechanic and he was very concerned about us going on the trip without about $1500 in repairs. There was no way we could afford those repairs and make it to Las Vegas. So we had resigned ourselves to staying home. Then we decided to have it looked at by a friend of [profile] dbubley who is usually a little cheaper. Unfortunately he doesn't really have an indoor place to work on cars. So we were waiting for a relatively dry couple of days for him to work on our car. Since the weather has been less than dry. We weren't even sure if he could look at it. Finally the weather cooperated and it turns out that, although the minivan still needs some work, he doesn't think it will be quite as expensive as we've bee told. He's completely comfortable with us taking our trip and then getting the car worked on some time soon after.

This Alt.Poly Con's Concom were trying to organize a trip to Cirque du Soleil's Zumanity. To be honest, although I wouldn't mind seeing Zumanity, I'd rather see Cirque du Soleil's Love. Unfortunately I couldn't get tickets at a time that would work. Then I remembered Spamalot! So, we're going to see it Sunday. I hope to play some Texas Hold'em. Cross your fingers!
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Its been a rough few weeks (month?). Xmas isn't my favorite time. Yet the last few days have been very nice. Did some present shopping Saturday with [personal profile] loracs. I've been missing her. So it was great to be with her all day. Had a wonderful day (even without cream of wheat) with [personal profile] serenejournal eating peanut brittle and watching Lost Season 2. Life is very good!


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