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My partners and I have talked about this type of thing for a long time. I couldn't see enough of how the controls worked to know whether it will really be useful to me, but I Really Want This!
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Anyone know where my subject came from? Anyway, I thought I'd try to catch everyone up on what's going on with me. I got through the computer tutoring I was doing. I don't think I will be doing it again. At least not teaching a class. It wasn't fun like I thought it would be. I'm fighting a cold, at least I think that's what I'm doing. I have a tickle in my chest which makes you want to cough or clear my throat. I can still breathe normally, but I did have one coughing fit that scared me a little. Not quite a panic attack, but close. I am sorry that I seem to use this as a place to whine but that seems to be its function these days.

I was so disappointed in the recall election in Wisconsin. I really thought it would be the beginnings of a strong reaction to Republican extremism, but unfortunately not. I really think the union movement has to put some money into teaching people about its past. Too many folks think the workplace is the way it is out of some natural law or something. When many of us know it was the blood, sweat and tears of workers in unions that gave us such niceties as the 40 hour work week, eight hour days, over time, paid vacations. Now I know not everyone has these benefits anymore, but that seems to me like more the result of the downturn in union membership than anything else. Yes I know I'm preaching to the converted, but I'm sick and I don't have the energy to preach to the heathens right now. :-)
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Off to teach my first beginning computer class at the Ed Roberts Campus for The Center for Accessible Technology. A little nervous, I hope it goes well.


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