Dec. 27th, 2017

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Holidays aren't easy for me. I like socializing on some level, but it's not energizing for me. It takes a lot of energy for me to be social. So holidays are a mixed bag. I have one more big social thing to get through and I'll be able to rest for a while.

Inspired by a last-minute idea, [personal profile] loracs and I headed for an actual bookstore (a chain store but still...) last Thursday. When my baby sister's kids were small I would insist on buying them a book. They would get other presents from us, but the book was required. I considered it a small attempt at infusing the love of reading into my niece and nephews. As far as I can tell, I didn't succeed, but I tried.

Anyway, the family had pretty much agreed that we would only be getting presents for the children of the family. Which for [personal profile] loracs and I means my great-niece. She is just four years old. We had already purchased her gifts, but then we decided we would continue my tradition at least for this year and get books for everyone.

We had a lot of fun getting them and I think we were mostly successful in finding literature that was appreciated. Anyway that ate up our Thursday. We went to my baby sister's house for Christmas eve. My grandniece is speaking so much better. She was pretty revved up from presents and holiday candy. So we didn't do a lot of sitting around and talking, but she was really fun to watch. Got home not too late and then went to a movie on Sunday Christmas day. Saw Coco which is a Pixar animation that was really enjoyable. I had originally planned to go with [personal profile] loracs to a friend's house and have some deli food. But I felt pretty wiped out. So [personal profile] loracs dropped me off home and went to see them. No worries I got deli later, but I did feel bad that I missed everyone. However I knew I was not up for a group of people. I hope everyone had a good holiday.


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