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In case someone doesn't already know, I am a person with a disability and have little use of my hands. At a recent Abilities Expo, I bought an Obi (a robotic feeding machine) to allow me to independently eat my meals. It's a very slick machine and works very well. It's portable, so you can take it with you or just use it at home. It has a fairly small footprint and a cool look to it.

Unfortunately, I have found myself not using it much and I feel like it's too good a gadget to stay on my shelf. I'd like to sell it to someone who will use it. I spent $6000 for it eight or nine months ago. It hasn't been used very much, so I'm asking for $4000. It is called Obi and you can see it working here:. You can also get its technical specs and the cost of it new there.
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I am not at all sleepy. So I'm flipping channels to see if there's anything of interest on television. I did watch the schedule crawl on channel 11 hoping to find an old movie or something that I can watch for a few minutes. Found Red Eye listed which I assumed was Wes Craven's movie, but unfortunately I was very very mistaken. Turns out it was an "news show" on Fox "news". I only watched about five minutes but goodness! Does anybody know about the show? I guess it's supposed to be funny. Five 25 to 30 something white men and women who find themselves very entertaining. It doesn't offend me as it's so incredibly inept but what demographic are they targeting?

Anyway you may be hearing a lot more from me here. I have Dragon Dictate NaturallySpeaking Preferred installed on my computer. I even rigged up a nifty "boom mike" using a regular noise canceling desk mic with the boom arm from a $20 desktop magnifying glass. I feel very techie for figuring it all out. So they both make writing much much easier for me. Be prepared to be bored. :-)


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