May. 9th, 2011

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This television meme was snagged from [personal profile] autographedcat by way of [personal profile] serenejournal. The idea is to answer one question a day from the list below. (Yes, yes I'm way behind. Never mind the applicability of the day numbers. I'm just keeping the numbering because I'm anal that way. I'm slow at this but I'm still having fun answering them when I can, so moving right along :-) Today's is:

Day 26 - OMG WTF? Season finale.

Hmmm. It's probably The Prisoner, but then that whole show was WTF a lot of the time for me. I like it but the whole show had me scratching my head more often than not. I have read people who thought Lost's was confusing, but unlike many people I never really cared how the series ended. I loved all the mystery, the strange clues. Any ending was going to leave me disappointed.Read more... )

Lookee, lookee I finished the meme. It didn't take that long, did it?

Here's the questions. )
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Went to Berkeley yesterday to hang out with [personal profile] serene. We haven't been seeing a lot of each other lately for various reasons on both ends. We had huge Pete's caramel lattes, then to the burger joint that used to be called Mel's but is some other a name that I can't seem to remember. I was in comfort food mode. So, for me it was bacon cheeseburger with their homemade chips (restaurant made? They aren't prepackaged chips) and a glass of milk. caught a movie for the first time in forever. We had planned to see The Adjustment Bureau but all the accessible seating was gone. Changed our tickets, and ended up seeing Joueuse The English title was Queen to Play with Kevin Kline and a French actor Sandrine Bonnaire. Jennifer Beals had a very small part as L'Américaine. It is in French with English subtitles. A fun, sweet little movie. Nothing earth shattering, hardly any sex or violence. Not one car chase! What a bore! :-) It's about a woman who cleans a local mom-and-pop hotel and picks up a little extra cash cleaning some people's homes. For some reason she becomes fascinated with chess and eventually enters a local chess tournament. I was amused at some of the sports movie clichés popping up in this film. Worth a look if you like that sort of thing. After the movie I was getting a little cold, so I headed home. A really nice day.


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