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I am a wannabe optimist. I want to believe that people have some kind of internal ethos that guides their decisions. Republicans have always touted themselves as the fiscally responsible party. Their arguments against governmental programs to help the poor, the disabled, the elderly has always begun with their opinion that we can't afford these programs. In actuality, I've always known that they just don't want to help people. They want to keep their money, their privilege and they have no recognition of the interdependence people in this world, and this country have with each other. They completely refuse to accept the fact that we need each other. That there are people in this country who are dying for no other reason than they aren't rich or even well-off. Republicans would like us to believe that everyone who is in dire financial straits are just lazy and entitled and should get off their ass and work. Nevermind some of us can't work. Nevermind those who can do work, do, but can never get to a comfortable position in life. I know people who have worked every day of their lives and live paycheck to paycheck. Knowing they will work until they die.

Well Republicans, you are getting what you want. Nevermind that it will add $1 trillion to the deficit. Somehow that doesn't matter as long as the money is going to the rich. The poor will pay more. The few middle-class folk who may get a break on their taxes, won't get them for long. But companies in the ultra-rich will get their taxes reduced and somehow Republicans believe that they will voluntarily pay their employees more. There is no requirement for them to do so. Unlike benefits for the poor and middle-class which always has rules about what we can and cannot do with the money. How much we can keep etc. We just hand over the treasury to the rich with the assumption things will get better. Trickle-down economics has always failed, but Republicans still believe it. Now we have the extra special twist of their finally being able to kill Obamacare.

Republicans you completely and utterly own this. You shoved the bill down our throats with zero ability for anyone to understand what was being passed. The actual bill was never completed until this evening and even then there were hastily written additions, amendments that no one has had any real time to digest or even read. You can never ever talk about how terrible deficit spending is. You don't get to present yourselves as fiscally conservative. You no longer get to complain about how we need to go through a full legislative process before we pass legislation. There was not a single hearing. It didn't go through any committees. We are going to live with your blatant disregard for anyone else's concern but your donors. I'm ashamed of you. You are destroying this country for no other reason than to get a "win".

And now Republicans will use this massive deficit from continuing wars that no one wants. The trillion dollar addition to the deficit and you will want to go after Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and any other program that doesn't benefit the very rich. Be proud of yourselves I plan to remember what you did to this country. I hope everyone else remembers. Make no mistake Republicans, people will die from what you did today. This is not a different philosophical opinion about the role of government. This comes from hatred. You hate people like us who need some help.


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