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I went and saw this with [personal profile] loracs and [profile] dbubley. The play is about exactly what you think it's about and it's about something completely different. It's rough in parts. Some folks' fantasy is someone else's nightmare, but it was worth it to me. Good show. Grabbed some food at Westfield's (I think that's the name) fancy food court. I had nice time.
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Yesterday I got to hang out with [personal profile] wild_irises knocking around the ferry building in San Francisco. I had never actually been in the building before. Once last year I rode the ferry from Oakland to the ferry building and back. Because getting out of the ferry was so traumatic, I didn't bother getting out and looking around.

[personal profile] wild_irises and I hadn't been able to hang out much lately. While we were figuring out the logistics of getting together she mentioned a food store at the ferry building called Boccalone Salumeria. It happened that I had just seen a show on the Food Channel called The Best Thing I Ever Ate. On that show they featured Boccalone Salumeria and mentioned a meat cone that could be acquired there. I was immensely curious, I mean it was cured pig meat! How could you not want some of that? So we decided to check it out.

I got there a little early so I wandered around a little. Lots of fascinating food stores, bakeries, confectioners, restaurants they even had a store that just sold mushrooms. It was lunch hour so the place was pretty frenetic. I stopped by Recchiuti Confections and the store clerks were very helpful. They even helped me try a few samples. I ended up buying a few things there just because they made me feel so comfortable. Some chocolate covered cherries for [personal profile] loracs and a peanut butter cup for me. It was all good, but I'm a philistine and still probably prefer my Reese's. This opinion should only reflect my palate, Not the quality of the chocolate which is really good.

Anyway [personal profile] wild_irises arrived and and we headed for the pig! It turned out their meat cone was just a convenient way to sample some of their meets. You get three samples with a cone. So I tried their cone and [personal profile] wild_irises got a sample tray. They had a coke manufactured by Red Bull. The coke was less sweet than other colas I've had, but it had a bunch of other herbs and spices: cinnamon, clove, cardamom etc. I liked it being less sweet, but I could've used fewer spices. I liked the first sip and then was over it.

The meats were really quite good. I especially liked the salami (although it was called something else that I don't remember). It turned out to be exactly the amount of meat I wanted. Once we'd chosen our lunch we went out to the pier to eat. We spent a lovely half-hour watching the water and complaining about how health care reform was going here in the United States. After lunch I grabbed the chocolates and we sat in front of a Peet's coffee. It strikes me again how many relatively local things I should be taking advantage of. Makes me want to visit all kinds of places I haven't managed to check out yet in my own backyard. I think a wonderful day was had by all.


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