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The test results are back and they got all the cancer. Gilly's jaw is healing well. She has lost a bit of weight. Nothing to worry about but we were concerned that she got enough protein to assist the healing process. The vet suggested giving her more smaller meals. Because the jaw is sore, Gilly may get tired of eating after a few bites. So we will start feeding her more often with smaller meals and see how things go. The only bad news is the vet wants to see Gilly each week for the next few weeks. [personal profile] loracs has been managing the trip up to Corte Madera, but it's really hard on her. [personal profile] serenejournal helped get Gilly home from the vet today. Which allowed [personal profile] loracs to get to work just a little bit late rather than missing the whole day. Thank you very much!


May. 13th, 2007 09:41 pm
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I think I've already told you all that we took Gilly to a local vet. The bump we thought would be an abscess isn't. The vet suggested we get a biopsy and scheduled it for the 17th. We went home that night worried because cancer was one of the possible diagnoses. Once cancer was on the table both [personal profile] loracs and I wanted to get the biopsy done quickly, but that was the earliest appointment. We decided to go back to our old vet, Dr. Hack (yes an unfortunate name for a really great veterinarian).

We got an appointment for last Wednesday the 9th. Dr. Hack, as predicted, got us to a specialist in Corta Madera as soon as possible, Thursday. We got the results it's osteo carcinoma. Which of all the possible diagnoses isn't too bad. It turns out that osteo carcinoma, which is usually pretty aggressive in dogs, is very treatable when it appears in the jaw. It could have been a melanoma and in that case would probably have been beyond our resources to treat and would most likely have resulted in Gilly's death sooner rather than later. The plan is to cut the section of jaw out. Send it it out to be tested. Partly to make absolutely sure of the diagnosis and partly to make sure that it's all been taken out. If it all work out, Gilly will have several more years with us pain-free and healthy. Of course we're very worried, but it all looks good. Interestingly enough we will have gotten a diagnosis and treated Gilly before the date arrives for our original biopsy appointment with the local veterinarian.

Edit:Oops, I forgot to say the operation is tomorrow. Keep a good thought for my baby girl.


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