Dec. 2nd, 2009

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Have you ever had one of those days? Where everything seems to be going wrong and it feels like there's nothing that you can do that will make things go right? I seem to be having one of those days. Weeks? Months? While getting up this morning I got a call from a medical equipment provider who needed to know all these Medi-Cal/Medicaid numbers and other information that I didn't have readily available. I ran my morning attendant all over the place trying to gather the information. Made her late for school and half the things I wanted to get done this morning either didn't get done or didn't get done correctly. Feeling really disabled and grumpy. Hopefully I will be seeing [personal profile] serene this afternoon and maybe she can rescue me from my incompetence.

To leave on a positive note I was interviewed by an AP reporter on behalf of the Center for Accessible Technology talking about Internet access for people with disabilities, especially online games. I think it went well, I have no idea when or if a story will come out of it.
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[personal profile] loracs and I went to see 2012 at the Bayfair. It was mainly my fault, [personal profile] loracs didn't particularly want to see it, but I like a movie with lots of explosions and then there was John Cusack. So I was going to see it no matter how many people thought it was horrible. Guess what? I liked it quite a bit. I will not defend the premise because there just isn't any defense. It's stupid stupid stupid. Oh and did I say it was stupid? Mutated neutrinos superheating the earth's core and from what I could gather from the plot the neutrinos "melted" the core? Anybody know that the earth's core is already "melted"? So much silliness! Anyway I don't require my action movies to make a whole lot of sense, so ignoring the premise was standard operating procedure for me.

The movie doesn't really rate a thoughtful review, so I'll just give you some of my likes and dislikes. The first escape from the cascade of disasters was the best one. John Cusack driving the limo through a disintegrating LA. Managing to grab a plane and getting his ex's husband to fly it out was just fun to watch. Love John Cusack. Love Amanda Peet, although they didn't give her much to do. Oliver Platt plays a great bad guy and Chiwetel Ejiofor who plays a geologist is getting to be a great favorite of mine. There's some real subtlety in his acting that manages to come across even in this big loud movie. I also thought that the kids of John Cusack's character were real fully formed and well acted.

I loved the Russian pilot and really wished the Russian mistress would've lived. Loved the little bit of Buddha talk. I really wish they hadn't connected it up to the Mayan calendar stuff.

Okay let the derision and throwing of rotten tomatoes commence. I have the regulation headgear.


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