Jan. 20th, 2018

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In an effort to break through some of this cloud of anxiety/anger/frustration, I was very determined to go to the Women's March today. Got up early (well, for me on Saturday). [personal profile] loracs and I went to the Oakland March. Saw many friends there a few I hadn't seen in forever. We rode BART from San Leandro to Lake Merritt station. This was a first for [personal profile] loracs. She’s never been on BART with her scooter before (or scootie, as likes to refer to it.) Except for some awkward wheelchair-scooter square dancing confusion around elevators, we did well.

A fellow marcher gave out some fuzzy pink hats. Which were warm and comfortable. On the way to the March we were a bit worried about the turnout. We had expected more cars in the parking lot at the San Leandro station. However the turnout in Oakland was pretty big in my estimation. Felt good to be around folks like me. It was a bit too chilly, but [personal profile] loracs made sure I was bundled up properly. I wasn’t exactly warm, but I wasn’t uncomfortable. We tried wandering around after the March, but the crowd was too much for me.

Since neither had eaten much, we headed for Olive Garden and gorged ourselves on pasta, soup, salad. I’m exhausted. It’s been a while since I’ve been out and about for so long. Thank you everyone who showed up and everyone who couldn’t but wanted to be there. Now all we have to do is vote this November. Dump our racist in chief’s cronies, get back the House (and maybe the Senate?) Then we give Trump what he deserves!


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